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Encrypting issues. What formats do I save files in ?

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Encrypting issues. What formats do I save files in ?

Post by Backspin »

Here is what I am doing.. I have 2 separate computers and 2 separate emails and I am trying to send a short notepad encrypted message to one and trying to decrypt it with the other and vise versa. I have successfully decrypted messages with the computer and public key that I am sending to. So I know that computer and public key is good.

So I started up the new computer, downloaded Studio. I loaded the Youtube video and followed the instructions word by word. . First, I created my key pair. Then I went to export it. It says nothing about what file extension to use. It does say .asc in the example so I will go with that i guess ? It says send this file to your trading partners. Do they mean just copy and paste the text in Notepad and send the text ? If so, what file extension to I save it with in notepad ?

Next step is to encrypt a message. So first, I need to make a file with the message in it. The video says nothing about this. So I open Notepad and write " this is a test message" and save it. At this point , does it matter what the file extension is ? I just saved it as whatever notepad saves it as. A txt file i guess. ?

Then I have to get the public key from the other computer/trading partner. I can see the public key on the screen but what do I do with it ? I just copied the key and pasted it in Notepad and then saved it. What extension do I save the trading partners public key with ? Video says nothing. So I just went with whatever the default was. So I highlighted the file and clicked open and it added the key.

Next, I go to the "open pgp tasks" tab, highlight the file i made and hit the encrypt button. Then on the next screen, i clicked on the trading partners public key and added the suffix "pgp" like it says. Then I hit encrypt. And then the screen comes up that says i successfully encrypted a file.

Problem is, when i go and open the decrypted file i just created , it looks like this and not like a normal encrypted message.

ƅ̌Чﶷ↗荃܁ⷾڲ邴䒵炶럏悬꿾ኃ鯪庁䣫᤾ና繷珏긮묌뺦ᬤ穃鐠᮹淯塢傥㗼邮۷י嬹隂礦嬘ࡢয垈元Ң濜화蓩鑑歮뢸ꫧ昫䳰뾃鰼䭅ﵹ탷ᶷ㤆ꌔ綇⒫썚ᑺ곔嘂䭇흺較맞泭⾶碟糀眂᎐먱恏奪ꬓ妱❊더旘鯺ᓢ㻀퉗䩓��៞᝝ㇵ⌰짥胯ⶏ盲�䢼阿װ幟໵便흫啓ꇼﴆ囆䩪ࢯᕰᩴ诘㷯 찚ﺶᥦ퉂ÿ㄀LJ䈕뗝첇⚏뎋ഩឮ츟㯚歸⭪ൄ��坧ൕ⵻쏵︠꟣༭抮䓸ꐃ퉅싇讆斻�吜堭ᰫ蹲觪쥤愯뻢⼟ⲟ䂀哞椴爀ቄ㱓梺焄蹆록椪DŽॼ᠋嘦纥�渰뵲町벢孖⟱�㞵៧ꍞ㈆掀ꄏ늝瘥幑桔蟚䎱郱鼤磱郢⊔ₐ攕枏䈕뒶녀ꉈ쥆ⱏꅰ쾠藬Š㇔ᒽ뤹嬉㯋Ӆ뿍ႛⷧ隚䑼iç뭑䰿靪ꇣઘ⸁Ȧ䚑떓彴�ꕣᇂ帶欬ꤪ貵饒뵨叶ࣘ헭鐡쯌┩涥뵴㫷᥆㖞䬘빞趬䕽抠근꾌鳷늭庭嵘犍봇�쎀譀ꮨ桁ꅔ펖滭퇋畋ꕄ兰텔焱ó惿繰숙咇ꞏӮ휣㇣뿤䩹䈸鴵뢴뼇勂쮺㴽⚉磒ꤷ㖴働塠䀒㌣䤦擫Ʞ詗ȿꯔ䋩雛鸙叽䁲闦賅�䅐ང촞௎�菗䳳瑕땑뽌ɤḾ뺲붔浩識῝蟖잉헛燝斜㾲僿鸢⪭齃ʗ摜ꯔ䣾净륏㨽ꄴ掛锉⋹䂭ꏭꮾす贄䂣ﰾ싸쀝戱利ẉᦣ酏轾⟖й䰜穓⥤ꂗ縂ꀱ햆㼤씮ꜘ䋸䅣鯽䫎ȃ쬿겺幈Ა儼Ͻ秄읺尅埯茽〇⭈推쨦핳ꂟ퇼顩⻣䁿봭倦꾴㑖高䱶谋呟恤殾鲈⳿볋ﮄ볘࿯鎕ٰ턝틔룄寙與⮗鄧�텆嶮ឡ費넇䠒琥쿵鞁뙃Ჽ眪ᝊ뾆핮泡┰ﺉ퀜䇞䋹改䃔瑞鬚愭Დ혎ៜ兟랤ʅ맜ࡱ兠ࣕ㳥ö륌⬝ࣲ꟝핹�芸଱�䝠㵼䈩⎿Ề⮜謙㻔䩤惞䤒祄怔᚟频亨泀�昘㡞둱ᣐ䬵툖붝鵻杫鞇➇ⶳ웦铹䧟᷁䳴蹚簯޶ᝆ繹滛캬迿犬ꕑﶁꕃ�툮㺡藱꺻㮲ⲿ呤變ẛ֧磌垞痕輔⮻歕畱눚䱅쉙㼲Ὗⱔ˷貾胫౔핔

When I open these files^ its all just this gibberish. So I sent it anyway and like I thought, it would not decrypt. Then I tried the same process over again a few diffrent times and a few diffrent ways and nothing changes.
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Re: Encrypting issues. What formats do I save files in ?

Post by Support_Jon »

Hello Backspin,

OpenPGP Studio is use to encrypt files for secure exchange with other entities such as trading partners. It is not intended for email message encryption/decryption.

Based on what I gather you are trying to accomplish from your post, I have put together this diagram to show you at a high-level the steps needed to accomplish this test scenario.
flow.PNG (51.08 KiB) Viewed 22577 times
This should help point you in the right direction.

Thanks - Jon
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