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Download Successful trigger.

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Download Successful trigger.

Post by sreejith »


I need to create a trigger for Successful downloads.

When I send a file (or set of files) to an e-mail address. Those persons download the file – but I have no way of knowing if they ACTUALLY Downloaded the file.

I want a trigger to send me an e-mail when file is downloaded – with following detail

1. The e-mail addresss of the person who downloaded the file
2. The name of the file that is downloaded
3. The date and time – when this happened

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Re: Download Successful trigger.

Post by Support_Jon »

Hello sreejith,

To accomplish your goal you have two options.

Option 1
Use the built in Trigger capabilities. This will give you all of the detail you wanted, you will just have to used the date on the email as your indication of when it happened.

Simply setup a new Download Successful trigger for the protocols you desire to monitor and then set the Action to Send Email. In the email, you have a selection of variable available via the {var} button next to input fields. This will expose event information such as user specifics (username, first/last name, email, etc) as well as details on the file.

You could setup your action similar to this.
trigger_action_send_email.png (69.95 KiB) Viewed 19887 times
As stated, to get the date/time you'd have to key off of your time stamp on the email itself.

Option 2
If you have our GoAnywhere Director product, you could setup a project that your trigger would call that can not only expose the specifics of the trigger, but any additional details you would need to capture like current date/time and more.

Thanks - Jon
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