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Error importing ASC key

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Error importing ASC key

Post by Libertydp »

I just installed the Studio and when I try to import a key I get an error " object in stream: 21". I am using an XP machine. What could be causing that?
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Re: Error importing ASC key

Post by Support_Jon »

Hello Libertydp,

Do you know with what tool the key was generated?

Although very rare, some utilities can produce improperly formatted headers within the key file that can cause issues with importing the key. It is usually related to incorrect carriage returns that some key generators produce that are not to standards.

If you'd like further assistance with this, we will need to take a look at your key and see if we can pinpoint the problem. Alternately, you can see if you are able adjust settings on the tool used to export that may clean it up.

Thanks - Jon
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Re: Error importing ASC key

Post by jpaciolla »

I know this is a very old thread, but I recently ran into this same error.

I do not know how my external vendor created this file, but I attached it to this post hoping someone could tell me what needs to be changed so that I can import it into Go Anywhere

Renkim Corporation orig.txt
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