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Upgrading GoAnywhere Director beyond 4.3.0 on Windows

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Upgrading GoAnywhere Director beyond 4.3.0 on Windows

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If running GoAnywhere Director 4.3.0 on a Windows server, then upgrading from 4.3.0 to a future version will give an error message similar to the following.
C:\Program was unexpected at this time
This issue is caused by a syntax error in the upgrade.bat script that was introduced in 4.3.0. The syntax error does not have any functional impact on the GoAnywhere Director, it simply presents an issue when attempting to upgrade from that version.
This issue affects Windows installs of GoAnywhere Director 4.3.0 only.

A patch is provided at the link below which fixes the syntax error on the upgrade.bat script. ...

This patch is required for Windows installs of GoAnywhere Director currently running 4.3.0 before upgrading further. Follow the steps below to apply the patch:
  1. Make sure your installed version is at version 4.3.0. To check your version, login to GoAnywhere Director and access the menu item, Help -> About. If your installation is on a version different than 4.3.0, then applying this patch is not necessary.
  2. Download the patch from ... and extract the contents to a folder of your choice on your PC. This would place the release notes and two directories (lib and upgrader) in the folder to which you have extracted.
  3. Shutdown the GoAnywhere Director subsystem/service
  4. Copy the files in the lib and upgrader directories from step 2 to the system where GoAnywhere Director is installed. The files will need to be placed into the same folder as they exist in patch ZIP file. For example, the jar files under /lib will be copied to [INSTALL_DIR]\lib where [INSTALL_DIR] is the installation folder of GoAnywhere Director. These folders already contain files with the same name. Overwrite and replace these files when prompted.
  5. Start the GoAnywhere Director subsystem/service.
  6. Login to GoAnywhere Director and make sure the version shows up as 4.3.1.