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A bind exception occurs when GoAnywhere tries to start up and it fails because the port being accessed is already in use. This exception message will be printed in a file in the /*installation directory*/tomcat/logs/ folder. On the iSeries the file name is called catalina.out. On other platforms you may need to refer to the stderr*.log and/or the stdout*.log files.

Example of the message:
LifecycleException: Protocol handler initialization failed: The socket name is already in use.:port number

The exception message will indicate which port is in conflict. To fix this error you need to verify that GoAnywhere is not trying to use a port number that is already in use. There are many methods and tools you can use to see which ports are currently being used on your system. If you are unsure which ports to use usually a network administrator or someone in a similar role can assist you.

To modify the port numbers that GoAnywhere uses on the iSeries run the command GOANYWHERE/CFGGA. On opens systems (Windows, Linux, etc) edit the /*installation directory*/tomcat/conf/server.xml file. Changing the port numbers will require you to restart GoAnywhere.

* Make sure that the "Server Port" & "SSL Port" are different.