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Reading excel spreadsheet past last row

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Reading excel spreadsheet past last row

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I am reading an excel spreadsheet then I need to use the data. The spreadsheet has 113 rows. However I have a count rowset in it and the counts gives me 167 rows. When I set up a loop with a print it shows me the value of the column I am trying to use is ' '. None of the columns are blank. Any idea what could cause that or how to fix it? I have the code below to read excel below. I cannot put read maximum rows in because the spreadsheet could grow or shrink so have to treat the number of rows as a variable. .

<readExcel inputFile="resource:smb://customer_Groups_/Test_Files/test.xlsx" outputRowSetVariable="newrow" skipInvalidRecords="true" skipEmptyRows="true" dataStartRowNumber="2" headingsRowNumber="1" processedInputFilesVariable="rowdata" version="2.0">
<column index="3" name="payee" />

<countRowSet rowsetVariable="${newrow}" rowCountVariable="rows" columnCountVariable="columns" version="1.0" />