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Issue while archiving files

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Issue while archiving files

Post by jeffersonbienaime »

Hi Team,

I had this issue when I was archiving a file by using the Copy Function. The Files are on the same server. Can I have more information about this issue and how to solve it?

The modification date of the file 'smb://XXXXXXXXXXX/SixtyFour/Interface/MINE OUT/Final MINE OUT GPT/Archive/2019-03-18/2019031820580954.fin/' could not be set to '2019-03-18 21:02:37.845'.

Re: Issue while archiving files

Post by Support_Daniel »


Date preservation is not supported on all servers, it may cause issues when trying to set it if it is not supported. I would recommend changing the Preserve Dates setting on the Copy task to false.
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