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error decrypting

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error decrypting

Post by demosocial »


When I´m trying to open an encrypted file is not working. shows the message " no matching keys in your keyring"

but i have already imported the asc file of my external key.

please help

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Re: error decrypting

Post by Support_Jon »

Hello demosocial,

To clarify, you have an a file that was encrypted with a key pair elsewhere. You have been provided that trading partners public key and have imported that to your key ring. You are then trying to decrypt this file and it is stating that no matching keys existing in your keyring.

Please clarify if this is correct.

The most likely cause is that either the public key you received was not the one used to encrypt the file, or you are pointing to a key ring that does not contain the correct public key for decrypting.

Thanks - Jon
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