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Got a new laptop, copied keys, not working

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Got a new laptop, copied keys, not working

Post by SERENJE »

I recently upgraded my laptop and downloaded GoAnywhere Open Studio.
I had saved the PGP Keypairs onto a hard drive and transferred them to the new laptop.

The problem is that when my clients sent me encrypted files using the encryption key i gave them, my Open studio is not able to automatically (or manually) pull up the decryption key to decrypt these files.

Please advise on what i should do as I am sure I will be changing laptops/computers again in the near future.
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Re: Got a new laptop, copied keys, not working

Post by Support_Jon »

Hello Serenje,

We're sorry to hear you had troubles with transferring your key pairs to your new laptop. Transferring of key rings from one system to another can be done without issue so we need to pinpoint what caused these issues for you.

When you saved off your key pairs, did you save both the public and secret key rings from the old system?
The location of this can be viewed at the bottom area of OpenPGP Studio.
key ring location.PNG
When you moved them to the new laptop, did you save them to the key ring location of the new install of OpenPGP Studio to the location that housed the key rings? Or did you just point OpenPGP Studio the the location of the transferred key rings?

Thanks - Jon
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