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Slow SFTP Connection to Network Shares

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Slow SFTP Connection to Network Shares

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Right now I have an Ubuntu install of GoAnywhere Services. I have created an SFTP account and pointed it to a Windows share. Unfortunately it take around 5 seconds to connect to the SFTP account when it is pointed to a network share. However, when I point it to a local directory on the GoAnywhere Services server it is almost instant connect. Is there any way to speed up the connection to the SFTP account pointing to the Windows share?

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Re: Slow SFTP Connection to Network Shares

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Going to need more information on what you're trying to accomplish.

1. SFTP Account?
-- Do you mean a Resource pointing to a Windows Server?
-- Or, a Web User that has a folder pointing to a Windows SMB Network Share?

2. 5 seconds to connect to network share.
-- Is this the time it takes a resource to connect?
-- Or via Web User to a defined SMB Network Share?

Please advise...
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