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Migration of Current Environment to a brand new one

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Migration of Current Environment to a brand new one

Post by Michael Hoppe »

Hi everybody,

I have a question. We are currently using a Director 4.6.1 and Services 3.5.5 environment. Because of a total rebuild of our environment we need to build up a new environment in parallel and migrate all projects, users, schedules and data to the new environment, so actually everything.

My question is now, is there any best practice how to handle such task?

I just found an obvious way to copy all projects and workspaces to the new environment, by copying the xml data and the workspaces over to the new environment via simple file system copy.

But whats with the already configured webusers,user,groups, scheduler and all the different resources??

I thought about creating a backup of the director's and service's db and import them into the new environment. I am just not sure what exact data are stored within each component's DB.

Is there any information about the content of each DB available?

So my questions are actually:

1.Is there any migration paper or best practice available for such a problem?
2. Is there any information about what data are stored within the Director and Services DB Tables?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and help,

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Re: Migration of Current Environment to a brand new one

Post by Support_Tim »

Hello Michael,

Migration to a new server is an event that we recommend you discuss with Linoma Support or your Linoma business partner, if you have purchased GoAnywhere through them. The steps for migrating the same version to a new server are not many, but there may be special considerations for your situation. Also, you will need to license GoAnywhere for the new server(s). Support can send you the License Transfer form*.

After you get GoAnywhere running on the new server, it may be an excellent time to upgrade to the latest version.

Thank you for your post.

*Note: If using GoAnywhere MFT and moving to a new server, you may not need to use this form if no other special considerations require this.
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