Web User permissions unchanged after removing them from the Web User Definition

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Post by Support_Hans » Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:35 pm
Question: I have a Web User and I have removed the "Upload (Write)" permission directly from this Web User. Why is this User still able to upload files/folders?

Answer: Is this Web User in a Web User Group? A Web User Group is an association of one or more Web Users. Each Web User Group can be assigned specific permissions for controlling access to various GoAnywhere functions. All Web Users belonging to a Web User Group will adopt the permissions from that Group.

For instance, you may want to create a Web User Group for "employees" that have both upload and download permissions and another Web User Group could be created for "trading partners" who can only download files.

So, removing a checkbox entry from the User's direct permission will not remove that permission if it is inherited from a group.

Once a permission has been inherited from a group, there is no way to deny it later down the inheritance chain OTHER than:
1) editing that Group's permissions which will affect everyone in the group, or
2) removing the user from the group.

In this instance, the Web User could be removed from the "employees" group and added to the "trading partners" group to easily remove the permission form the user without changing any permissions in either group.
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