Where are my logs located?

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Where can I view the logs produced by GoAnywhere MFT and GoAnywhere Gateway?


When troubleshooting a problem in GoAnywhere, logs have invaluable information that oftentimes reveal the cause of an issue. There are a few different log files generated by GoAnywhere, each containing important information regarding the operation of the application.

By default, the goanywhere.log file is stored in the [install dir]/userdata/logs directory. The goanwhere.log file can be a great first place to check when troubleshooting. This log will contain comprehensive information about nearly everything related to the GoAnywhere MFT application. Additionally, the goanywhere.log can be accessed through the MFT admin GUI by navigating to Logs --> Audit Logs --> System.

Tomcat logs / Catalina logs
Depending on your operating system, the Tomcat log file will vary slightly. If you are running on Linux/Unix/IBM/Mac, the Tomcat log will be contained in a single log file called catalina.out. Windows stores the Tomcat files as three separate files - commons-daemon.[timestamp].log, goanywhere-stderr.[timestamp].log, goanywhere-stdout.[timestamp].log. The Tomcat log can be found in the [install directory]/tomcat/logs directory.

Service Logs
MFT offers detailed service audit logs to help track activity on your hosted services and to troubleshoot connection issues to your service. The various service logs can be located by navigating to Logs --> Audit Logs --> [selecting your desired service].

Upgrade log
When running an upgrade, GoAnywhere MFT will log upgrade details to the upgrade_[timestamp].log file. This log can be found in [install directory]/upgrader/logs directory. The upgrader log is a great place to check if you want to ensure your upgrade completed successfully or you want to determine why your upgrade failed.

The GoAnywhere Gateway log can be found in [Gateway install directory]/logs directory.

Outlook Plugin
The gaoutlook.log file can be found in C:\Users\[user account]\AppData\Local\HelpSystems\GoAnywhere Outlook Plugin\logs directory. The Outlook Plugin log can be a great place to start when troubleshooting issues with your Outlook Plugin.

GoDrive Sync Client
Similar to the Outlook Plugin, the GoDrive Sync Client logs can be found in C:\Users\[user account]\AppData\Local\HelpSystems\GoDrive\logs directory.
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