Why are my web users being disabled?

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Post by Support_Alisa » Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:28 pm

I have configured an LDAP login method, and I notice my users are being disabled upon sync or login. What would cause GoAnywhere to disable these users?


When using an LDAP Login Method, there are three reasons a user would be disabled -
1. The user is a part of multiple Login Methods. If you have multiple LDAP Login Methods that include the same user, try making your Base DN less restrictive and use LDAP managed GoAnywhere groups paired with the "Enforce Group Membership" setting to better manage your users.
2. You have enabled "Enforce Group Membership," and the user is not a part of the group you are trying to sync to GoAnywhere. If you sync your Login Method, then turn on the "Enforce Group Membership" setting within the login method, users that are not a part of a GoAnywhere LDAP managed group will be disabled.
3. The user is disabling themselves with invalid login attempts. Proof of these invalid attempts can be seen in the respective protocol Audit Logs.
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