Why is the HTTP/s Resource Test getting an unsupported protocol linomaxhttps Error?

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Post by Support_Alisa » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:24 am
Question -

I am receiving the following error when testing my HTTPS resource - "unsupported protocol: 'linomaxhttps.'"
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What could cause this error?

Answer -

'Linomaxhttps' is a custom, internal method used by the application to handle and trust SSL connections. This error occurs when the base URL to the host does not directly support SSL, but instead redirects to another location. Oftentimes, even when receiving this error during a resource test, projects using this resource will still complete successfully.

For example, when accessing the GoAnywhere Web Client, https://localhost:8443 is redirected to https://localhost:8443/webclient/Login.xhtml.  The HTTPS resource test is extremely basic and does not follow this redirect. However, a project has more built-in logic to handle redirects and allows you to specify a full URL instead of just a host.

In order to fully test your resource connection, create a simple test project that uses the resource experiencing this error. Set the project log level to debug and run the project. The debug log should show the connection to the resource and will help determine if MFT is actually able to reach your desired URL. For more information regarding setting the project log level to debug, please visit how-to-set-project-log-level-1113#p2473.
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