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Post by lanceh » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:46 pm
I am enjoying the frequent and useful updates to GoAnywhere MFT - I have just installed version 5.1.0 this morning. Like all frequent users, I have a list of enhancements which relate to my own usage and observations, but one item I think would be pretty useful (and quite possibly easily introduced) would be improvement to the editor of the XML view of Projects which is currently a simple <textarea>.

I realise probably only "power-users" would actually work with the XML, and in which case they may edit the XML in a text editor outside of the browser, but in-browser editing would be a nice feature which would be enhanced by syntax-highlighting, etc. The great (and open-source) Ace editor springs to mind.

While I'm at it, here is the rest of the "wish-list" - as far as I know, these are not current feature:
  • Ability to upload/import Resources (say from CSV)
  • Ability to manage Schedules/Monitors from within a Project (say "hold" a Scheduled Job until current Project task completes to prevent resource contention, etc.
  • Sort Task - I have managed this to date by writing to a database table, sorting and re-reading.
  • Reordering of columns in the table views in the UI - while it is possible to reorder columns in the Show/Hide Columns dialog, the reordering has no effect on the column display order)
  • Variable substitution in Job Name (e.g. use a Project Variable value such as "Obtain file from Group ${groupID}"
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Post by Support_Rick » Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:06 am

We appreciate all the suggestions to help make the product better. Suggestions such as these drive our development and makes the product better.

I emailed you a copy of an Enhancement Request form. Please fill that out (one per form) and send them to our Support Group at [email protected].

And thanks for the feedback!
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