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Can I read an EDI X12 documents into GoAnywhere?


Follow the instructions below to write the contents of an EDI X12 file to an Excel file using the Read EDI X12 Data Mapper.
  • From within the Project Designer page, expand the Data Translation folder in the Component
    Library, and then drag the Read EDI X12 task to the Project Outline.
  • On the Read EDI X12 task, specify values for the following attributes:
Input File – The file path and name of the EDI X12 file to read.
EDI X12 Transaction Set – Select an EDI X12 Transaction Set from the list of those installed. See the
EDI1.png (6.91 KiB) Viewed 8618 times
  • Click Launch Data Mapping Wizard on the Read EDI X12 task main panel to open the EDI X12 Data Mapper.
  • When you first launch the EDI X12 Data Mapper, you will see an Input EDI X12 Transaction Set and a RowSet container. The EDI X12 Transaction Set container contains all available data elements, segments, and envelopes for the chosen Transaction Set.
  • Each Transaction Set element can be read to a RowSet variable column. To create a column, select the Transaction Set element then drag and drop it into the RowSet variable container. Double-click on a RowSet container name to give the output RowSet variable a name.
  • Multiple RowSet variables can be created to isolate segments of data. To add a new RowSet, right-click an open space within the Mapper and select Add RowSet. Follow the above drag and drop procedure to populate the new RowSet.
  • Click Apply to leave the Mapper and return to the Project Designer.
  • One possible use of the output RowSets would be to write the data to an output file. The following image is an example of a RowSet variable containing package data being written to an Excel file using the Write Excel task.
The following image illustrates the Project Outline for the Read EDI X12 task example using the Data Mapper.
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